How to become a DevOps engineer

A DevOps engineer delivers automated software components that form part of a development operations toolchain. Tools like Jenkins, Git, Kubernetes, Chef, Ansible, Nagios, and Docker are essential in development, testing, monitoring and deployment. Python and Java are the two dominating backend programming languages.

With skills in DevOps, you’ll always be in demand – as a freelancer, or as an employee. But DevOps isn’t for everyone, and it’s certainly not an easy ride. Kerry has over 25 years of experience in various test roles and is passionate about the role of testing in delivering business value in an increasingly complex world. DevOps engineers should be able to explain the concepts of test automation, infrastructure automation, and build and deployment automation. A junior DevOps engineer learns on the job by building software components. You can apply a modern standards approach throughout automation and testing.

How to become a Devops Engineer for dummies!

I made it one of my yearly goals to join the on-call rotation since it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get into Devops. LSET trainers will be sharing their decades of experience in DevOps Tools and Training to give you One to One guidance. You will be working on DevOps tools, Jenkins, Github, and Sonarqube, how to become a devops engineer Docker to develop Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment that uses Jenkins, with sonarqube, Ansible, and docker. It is very important for the DevOps practitioner to understand the importance of auto-scaling and high availability and how these strategies are much better than traditional architecture.

This development strategy helps organizations to regularly create and update their products. Whereas, traditional ‘waterfall’ development model used to take a lot of time. Today, DevOps is all about the automation and unification of the development processes. ‘DevOps’ is the amalgamation of two different methodologies, ‘development and operations.’ It is a very important development strategy required in companies to bridge the gap between software development and IT operations. That’s mostly because DevOps isn’t a “thing” that you engineer – it’s a practise, or a culture, or a mindset.

ISO 27001 Online Certifications

We’re also committed to giving back to the ecosystem we believe in. We support a diverse range of causes all around the world, allowing our Revols to gain extra experience by helping charities who need them the most. Strong commercial acumen and previous experience with AWS/Azure/GCP are not essential but will be hugely beneficial to applicants of this course. If payment is stopped or canceled, we have a right to stop any further training and recruitment support. Delegate will be granted unlimited access to the portal to use at anytime of their choice for the whole period of 12 months.

how to become a devops engineer

DevOps is becoming increasingly popular in the IT industry as organisations seek to improve their software delivery processes. DevOps is not just a set of tools or practices, it is a culture that requires a mindset shift. DevOps engineers need to have strong communication and collaboration skills, as well as a deep understanding of both development and operations. They need to be able to automate processes, monitor systems, and troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently. A DevOps certification can help you develop these skills and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers. As technology and software development continue to evolve, organisations are seeking ways to increase their speed of delivery without compromising quality.

Continuously evolving practice

For most student, with some related background, this is enough time. If you have no computer-related background, we have a one month course for total beginners to teach you sufficient basics to enter the program. If you feel that you need more time in the program, we offer unlimited retakes of the material at no additional cost. We have designed the program to be modular, meaning students can join as soon as they are ready – they do not have to take the weeks in order. This includes mock-interviews, resume prep and job selection given a student’s previous experience.

You can influence and build consensus with stakeholders to ensure that the required technical improvements are aligned with business objectives. You can iterate on the development of standards and policies, working with delivery teams to ensure that these policies are producing the required outcome and continue to be attainable, applicable and fit for purpose. You can identify opportunities for improving the development process, make these improvements and evaluate their success. You can work with others to select and implement tools and practices to build confidence and reduce risk in each stage of the software development life cycle . The networking knowledge is essential for DevOps since you will deal with various network connections, servers, data, etc., to manage IT workflows. Security is also necessary from development to deployment or any other stage.


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